Succulents & Cacti 

Succulents and Cacti provide a strong and architectural feature in your home. We often have deflated customers saying "I've even managed to kill my succulents, they're supposed to be easy!" The most common issue is they are not placed in the correct environment, receiving insufficient light and ventilation. The guide below shares tips on the best application and care for them.

It is very important to consider the type of environment your plant is living in, and aim to mimic its natural environment. That is a warm, dry climate. Preferably in a bright, sunny surface in your home.

They also need good ventilation during summer months. In creating a perfect space for them, they will thrive, producing beautiful flowers right on cue.

Some common problems with cacti and succulents which, when diagnosed early can save your plant. The most common signs of poor health follow:

  • Growing to a point or into a disfigured shape usually is caused by a lack of light

  • Skin wrinkling in winter is natural contraction and generally nothing to worry about.

  • Discolouration on the sun facing side of plant is a sign of scorching. Rotate plant to a less sunny spot.

  • A discoloured band on the plant stem usually signifies cold damage

  • A fluffy white substance on the leaves is a sign of mealy bugs

  • Signs of shrivelling, browning, black or white means RIP plant.


Watering - you can kill a cacti / succulent by extreme neglect or overwatering.

Thoroughly water your plants to allow to soil to dry out completely before watering again.  Gradually cut back on watering when coming into a dormant winter period.

Cleaning - as a house plants get dusty, for cacti with prickles, use a dry paintbrush to stroke away and dust or dirt. For spineless succulents and forest cacti a damp cloth run carefully over the leaves will do the trick.

Idealling, cacti and succulents are best suited to an outdoor balcony or covered deck area.

The following guide was developed referencing some great books that we stock in both store.

Prick- by Gybelle Leon

The little book of Cacti and other succulents- by Emma Sibley