Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine- Large Leaf- COLLECT IN STORE

Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine- Large Leaf- COLLECT IN STORE


Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine- a beautiful variety in the monstera family. This item is available for collection in store only, shipping is not available. Please advise us of the date of collection, we request that your plant is collected no later than 7 days after your purchase.

WATER: Water regularly, keeping the soil moist, but not soggy. Keep in mind, watering requirements will vary throughout the season. During warmer seasons as the temperature rises, the plant will dry out quicker and require more frequent watering. As the temperature drops, and the plant becomes dormant the plant will require less watering.

SUNLIGHT: Bright indirect light. Do not place in direct sun as the leaves will burn. Inside, place in a well lit room. Outside, place it in a shaded position

POSITION: Firstly growing upright then draping down as it matures, this piece will work well teamed up with a hanging planter or placed on a shelf where there’s room for the vines to grow. As the plant grows, you can trim to encourage new growth. You can also place the cut vines in water to later propagate from.

Pot Size: 17cmD x 15cmH

Plant size: Approximately 20cmD x 40cmH*

*Keep in mind, as plants are a living, no two are the same. The product images displayed show one example of the latest batch of plants. We have hand picked the best best quality stock available to us. On arrival to the store for collection, if there are multiple for you to choose from, you will be able to select your preference.

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